Wells Fargo


Where do I find my voucher code?

Your voucher code can be found on the back of the "on-the-spot voucher" that was given to you by your manager or leader. 


Where do I put my voucher code? 

After you have selected an item, you will find the voucher code input field at the bottom of the cart page as shown below. 


Can I use my voucher code more than once?  

Voucher codes are one (1) time use only. If your voucher code is not working and has not been redeemed by you, the recipient, please see "My voucher code is not working, what do I do?" below.


How do I redeem more than one voucher code?  

If you have received multiple "on-the-spot vouchers" you must place separate orders. Only one (1) voucher code is allowed per order so if you have several voucher codes, you will need to order one (1) product at a time. Please be aware that voucher codes expire according to the date printed on the back of the "on-the-spot voucher".


My voucher code is not working, what do I do? 

If you have not already redeemed your voucher code and can confirm there are no discrepancies between what you entered and what is printed on the voucher code, please contact customer service. Note: Voucher codes must be input exactly as displayed on the "on-the-spot voucher", including dashes.


How come I can only add one product to my cart?

Items on the Wells Fargo On the Spot site are redeemed with voucher codes and are one (1) time use and limited to one (1) item per order. Therefore you must remove the item from your cart before you can add a new item to your cart, as shown below. 


Check the box in the "Remove" column and then click "Update Shopping Cart". You will then be able to add a new item to your cart. 


Why does it ask for my region? 

For reporting purposes you must select your branch's region from the drop down at checkout. If you are unsure which region to select please ask your manager.


How will my order be shipped? 

All orders will be shipped using FedEx ground shipping.


When will my product be delivered? 

Please allow 7 - 10 business days for delivery, unless otherwise noted.



How do I redeem a 'Team Award' voucher? 

Team award vouchers may not be redeemed online at this time. If you received a team award voucher from your leader, you should follow the instructions for redemption on the back of the card.




If you have additional questions please contact customer service.